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  1. Durchsuchen des Inhalts von Paketen. Diese Suchmaschine erlaubt es Ihnen, in den Inhalten der Debian-Veröffentlichungen nach Dateien (oder Teilen von Dateinamen) zu suchen, die in den Paketen enthalten sind
  2. Alle Pakete, die in der offiziellen Debian-Distribution enthalten sind, sind frei gemäß den Debian-Richtlinien für Freie Software. Dies sichert die freie Verwendung und Weitergabe der Pakete und ihres kompletten Quellcodes. Zur offiziellen Debian-Distribution gehört alles, was sich im main-Bereich des Debian-Archivs befindet. Als Service für unsere Benutzer bieten wir in separaten Bereic
  3. Debian Packages Search. This site provides you with information about all the packages available in the Debian Package archive. Please contact Debian Webmaster if you encounter any problems! Browse through the lists of packages: jessie (8.0) jessie-updates; jessie-backports; jessie-backports-sloppy; stretch (9.0) stretch-updates ; stretch-backports; buster (10.0) buster-updates; buster.

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Knowing how to list installed packages on your Debian based system can be helpful in situations where you need to install the same packages on another machine or if you want to re-install your system. List Installed Packages with Apt # Apt is a command-line interface for the package management system and combines the most commonly used functionalities from apt-get and apt-cache including an. Debug packages contain debug symbols and usually are named <package>-dbg. They are useful if program crashes and you want to generate stack trace which contains information about functions where it crashed

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größere Mauszeiger für X. Dieses Paket enthält ein paar große Mauszeiger für die Benutzung unter X. Es ist besonders für Laptop-Benutzer, Leute, die X in sehr großen Auflösungen betreiben, und jeden, der Probleme hat, den Standard-Mauszeiger zu erkennen, nützlich Here is a tutorial for building a Debian package. Basically, you need to: Set up your folder structure; Create a control file; Optionally create postinst or prerm scripts; Run dpkg-deb; I usually do all of this in my Makefile so I can just type make to spit out the binary and package it in one go. share | improve this answer | follow | answered Sep 25 '08 at 1:27. Adam Pierce Adam Pierce. 30k.

debian-installer udeb packages Special packages for building customized debian-installer variants. Do not install them on a normal system! Debug packages Packages providing debugging information for executables and shared libraries. Development Development utilities, compilers, development environments, libraries, etc. Documentation FAQs, HOWTOs and other documents trying to explain everything. Ein Live-Installations-Image enthält ein Debian-System, das booten kann, Sprachen: Die Images enthalten keine vollständigen Sätze von Language-Support-Packages (Sammlungen von speziellen Paketen für einzelne Sprachen). Falls Sie Eingabemethoden, Schriften und zusätzliche Sprachpakete für Ihre Sprache benötigen, müssen Sie diese im Nachhinein von Hand installieren. Die folgenden Li How big is the Debian CD archive? The CD archive varies greatly across mirrors — the Jigdo files are around 100-150 MB per architecture, while the full DVD/CD images are around 15 GB each, plus extra space for the update CD images, Bittorrent files, etc. For more information about the CD archive mirroring, please see the Debian CD mirror pages Debian is a lot more than a great big collection of random packages. There's documentation to write and translate, bugs to fix, Native Debian Package. The Version number for a Debian native package is only the version, it doesn't have a Debian release number. For example, 2.8. A native package consists of only a source control file (foo-version.dsc) and an upstream source tarball (foo. Other Packages Related to big-cursor. depends; recommends; suggests; enhances; dep: xfonts-base standard fonts for X dep: xfonts-utils X Window System font utility programs Download big-cursor. Download for all available architectures ; Architecture Package Size Installed Size Files; all: 11.2 kB: 48.0 kB [list of files] This page is also available in the following languages (How to set the.

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This post goes over the creation of a debian package containing shell scripts using dh_make and debuild. Starting from structuring the packaging directory to building the final debian package, this tutorial covers the process of creating a debian package with just a few simple steps. We'll start by creating the directory where all the work will be done. This specially named directory is used. For a non-native Debian package, e.g., gentoo, you will see the following files in the parent directory (~/gentoo) after building packages: gentoo_0.9.12.orig.tar.gz This is the original upstream source code tarball, merely renamed to the above so that it adheres to the Debian standard A safer method is to download the deb directly from packages.debian.org and use gdebi to try and install it. If there's dependency issues with the stable libraries, it will refuse to do so. The very best method, though it's the most work, is to backport the newer package from the source code against the stable libraries. This does take some skill for some packages, but absolutely will not. Imported the package files (but not debian/ directory) into the upstream branch . This has then been tagged upstream/0.1 where 0.1 is your package's version number . Imported the debian/ directory into master as well as upstream's files . Tagged the last commit as debian/0.1-1 as it assumes the package is finished. Using the upstream rep

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The official Debian package repository is mirrored all over the world. The Debian website has an official list of Debian mirrors. There also is a list of unofficial repositories containing various additional software . There is a team in charge of mirrors. Package lists. To browse the list of Debian packages grouped by category, you can look at the stable, testing, unstable and various other. Debian ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von SPI Inc. Mehr Informationen über diese Site. Dieser Service wird von University of Helsinki - Department of Computer Science unterstützt This is a pragmatic approach to learning how to create Debian packages.. Debian packaging is not that hard. Read first the introduction to Debian Packaging.. If the information below doesn't answer your questions, please look in the New Maintainer's Guide and in Debian Policy. The Debian package management chapter of the Developers Reference contains lots of useful information for handling all. Debian packages are standard Unix ar archives that include two tar archives. One archive holds the control information and another contains the installable data. dpkg provides the basic functionality for installing and manipulating Debian packages This article describes a simple way to create a home made debian package and include it into a local package repository. Although we could use an existing Debian/Ubuntu package, we will start from scratch by creating and packaging our own trivial application. Once our package is ready, we will include it into our local package repository. This article illustrates a very simplistic approach.

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>>>>> == Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes: >>>>> zhaoway == zhaoway <zw@debian.org> writes: zhaoway> This is only a small part of the whole story, IMHO. See zhaoway> my other email replying you. ;) >>> Maybe there could be another version of Packages.gz without >>> the extended descriptions -- I imagine they would take >>> something like 33% of the Packages file, in line count at. Let's suppose you want to install Debian packages on your offline PC, head out to the online PC running either Windows or Debian and download Debian packages in a pen drive or USB stick. A Debian package is suffixed with a .deb extension e.g. hello_2.1.1-4_i386.deb Head back to the offline PC, plug in your USB drive, copy the .deb file to any path of your choice and run the below command to. Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes: > What is the real problem with the large package files? They take a long > time to download, but so do emacs and other bloatware. Yeah, but how often do you download emacs? The packages file gets downloaded _every single time_ you do an update, and for those of us with a slow modem link, that really sucks. -Miles -- Love is a snowmobile racing across. A big package index IMHO is the current bottleneck of Debian package system. While most of people are more interested in RSYNC to come to cure, MHO RSYNC is an overkill and a non-clean-kill. It prevents easy mirroring of Debian by requesting RSYNC service on the mirror system, and it won't solve the pool's problem, but give a hack. ;) While OTOH a relatively straight solution is: * To seperate. branch for building packages for sid: debian-experimental: branch for building packages for experimental: You are importing each point release into upstream-1.5 and merging to master ; You are merging each beta release (1.6~beta) into upstream and merging to debian-experimental ; At some point, you want to move the work from debian-experimental to the master branch and release it to unstable.

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To install Debian on a machine without an Internet connection, it's possible to use CD images (650 MB each) or DVD images (4.4 GB each). Download the first CD or DVD image file, write it using a CD/DVD recorder (or a USB stick on i386 and amd64 ports), and then reboot from that. The first CD/DVD disk contains all the files necessary to install a standard Debian system. To avoid needless.

Debian packaging requires changing this The big picture for building a single non-native Debian package from the upstream tarball debhello-..tar.gz can be summarized as: The maintainer obtains the upstream tarball debhello-..tar.gz and untars its contents to the debhello-0.0 directory. The debmake command debianizes the upstream source tree by adding template files only in the debian. View package lists View the packages in the stable distribution This is the latest official release of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. This is stable and well tested software, which changes only if major security or usability fixes are incorporated Instead of using the normal Debian Stretch ISO image, we'll be working with the Debian netinstall image. This includes a minimal amount of packages, so you can then install precisely what you want But there are still some packages that are a must have on any Debian system. These packages are marked using a Priority: field, with different priorities described in the Debian Policy. If you start with a minimal Debian netinst system, you should have installed packages with priority required (these are essential for the dpkg package manager to operate properly and be able to manage the.

Currently debian-policy says packages should be reproducible, though we aim for packages must be reproducible though it's still a long road until we'll be there: currently (Oct 2018) there are more than 1250 unreproducible packages in Buster, thus if policy would be changed today, 1250 packages would need to be kicked out of Buster (well, or fixed) immediatly, so this policy change right. If you use the .NET Core SDK, you can use dotnet-packaging tools to create a Debian installer package from any platform that runs .NET Core. For example, running dotnet deb -c Release -f netcoreapp2.1 -r ubuntu.16.04-x64 would then create a .deb file which you can use to install your app on Ubuntu 16.04. The project repository has more details Installing Debian GNU/Linux. PocketWorkstation will need to be installed on an ext2 filesystem with at least ?195MB of free space for the big package. When you start to install more software and libraries, another ?200MB-?300MB will quickly be needed Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. Debian provides more than a pure OS: it comes with over 59000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. Read more..

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After Debian 10 installation, it is recommended to install all updates which are available via Debian 10 package repositories, execute the beneath apt command, [email protected]:~$ sudo apt update [email protected]:~$ sudo apt upgrade -y. Note: If you are a big fan of vi editor then install vim using the following command apt command If the packages don't conflict with new/updated packages in stretch, there's no particular reason why you should remove them. If they do conflict, the package manager will let you know. BTW, I still have some packages installed on my system that haven't been in debian for a decade or two. They still work. I've had others that I had to recompile. For Tivoli inspectors, a Debian package is considered to include both the package and the version. This allows the inspectors to home in on specific versioned packages and not just the package itself, which may have numerous versions. The base package inspectors help to tease these two aspects apart, stripping the version info and returning a list of the packages by name only. Creation. 4.2.16. Debian Package Popularity Contest 4.2.17. Selecting Packages for Installation 4.2.18. Installing the GRUB Bootloader 4.2.19. Finishing the Installation and Rebooting 4.3. After the First Boot 4.3.1. Installing Additional Software 4.3.2. Upgrading the System 5. Packaging System: Tools and Fundamental Principles 5.1. Structure of a Binary.

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  1. g release. After Bullseye, 100,000 packages is a serious reality on the horizon, he said. The project needs to focus.
  2. If you have a second Debian system somewhere that does have internet access, you can use apt-offline to let it handle the necessary dependencies for you on the restricted machines, and the download all necessary packages onto some medium on the machine with internet access.. I'm not sure how to extract the information about which packages are needed directly on the Windows machine; installing.
  3. Or maybe help the community and package that favorite software of yours for the distribution you like and use. Regardless of the situation, this part of the C development series will show you how to create packages for two of the most popular distributions, Debian and Fedora. If you read our articles so far and you have some solid knowledge of the command line, and you can say that you know.
  4. Debian 6.0 (Squeeze), released 6 February 2011, contained more than 29,000 packages.The default Linux kernel included was deblobbed beginning with this release. The web browser Chromium was introduced and Debian was ported to the kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64 architectures (while that port was later discontinued), and support for the Intel 486, Alpha, and PA-RISC (hppa) architectures was.
  5. Dpigs is a Debian tool that's used to show which installed packages occupy the most space on the system. dpigs sort the installed packages by size and output the largest ones, the default number of packages displayed is 10. This tool is not installed by default, installing it on Ubuntu / Debian system using the command
  6. The package should be updated to follow the last version of Debian Policy (Standards-Version 4.5.0 instead of 4.4.0). problems This package has been orphaned
  7. TL;DR This post will walk you through creating a debian package from a simple hello world C program using debuild. Setup On a debian-based system, install the following programs: $ sudo apt-get install devscripts build-essential lintian Create an APT repository in less than 10 seconds, free. Sign up! The debuild tool debuild is a convenient wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage, fakeroot, lintian.

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After those, there aren't a huge number of massive packages in Debian's package pool that I'm aware of. I find that once the root partition starts getting big enough to where you start wondering how to get rid of packages to shrink it, it's generally time to move/resize to a bigger root partition. apt-get clean of course is the first thing to run, to get rid of all the cached .deb files, but. This way, the developer or volunteers for the 'troublesome' packages would know before time, that they need to take care of their business else they miss the release bus. 7. Well connected community. Finally, while Debian is neutral, many of the volunteers also contribute to big companies. Now this might be in form of a small narrow. This metapackage will install Debian packages for use in molecular biology, structural biology and other biological sciences. Translate description. Description For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: Official Debian packages with high relevance; Official Debian packages with lower relevance; Debian. Standard apt-get installation may well be all you need. The versions of numpy, scipy, matplotlib for your distribution can be a little behind the latest version available from pypi (the Python package index). If you want a more recent version of common Python packages, you might also consider installing Debian / Ubuntu packages from NeuroDebian.Again, you can use the standard Debian tools like.

For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: Official Debian packages with high relevance; Official Debian packages with lower relevance ; Debian packages in contrib or non-free; Debian packages in New queue (hopefully available soon) Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS. package pool and big Packages.gz file. From: zhaoway <zw@debian.org> Re: package pool and big Packages.gz file. From: ressu@uusikaupunki.fi (Sami Haahtinen) Re: package pool and big Packages.gz file. From: zhaoway <zw@debian.org> Prev by Date: Obsolete software in /usr/local; Next by Date: Re: Obsolete software in /usr/loca Debian Linux 10 Buster released. The new version offers updated packages and five years of support. In this release, GNOME defaults to using the Wayland display server instead of Xorg. However, the Xorg display server still installed by default. This page shows how to update Debian 9 Stretch to Debian 10 Buster using command-line options For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: Official Debian packages with high relevance; Official Debian packages with lower relevance; If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Games to you, or if you have prepared an unofficial Debian package, please do not hesitate to send a.

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In the Debian/Ubuntu Package Repository you can find some packages not included in the official repositories or in Private Package Archives(PPA) on launchpad.net. At the moment we have added packages containing the NextWindow Fermi Driver for Debian Squeeze. More information about how to use the repositories or which packages are included in the repositories can be found on the service page. How to find out exact package names in Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Linux. Another option for finding out package names is to use the dpkg command: dpkg --list dpkg --list | grep '^ii' Use the 'dpkg --list' command to get a list of all installed packages on an Ubuntu or Debian/Mint Linux. It will be a big list, and we need to scroll through package names on a computer screen until you find the one. Your Name (required): Already registered on this website? Enter your username above to during posting or leave this form again and Click here to logi As shown we can easily install the KDE Plasma Desktop packages in Debian 9 Stretch Linux, which will provide us with a graphical user interface that can be used for managing and interacting with the system. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens. I mean, I have 286 packages listed after issuing sudo debsums -changed and my install (Ubuntu 10.10 amd64 desktop edition) is running appreciably fine to me. Could the big amount of 'broken' packages could be related with a big amount of external repositories appended (around 20) in order to have more up-to-date software

Debian packages in contrib or non-free No known packages available but some record of interest (WNPP bug) If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Multimedia to you, or if you have prepared an unofficial Debian package, please do not hesitate to send a description of that project to the Debian Multimedia mailing lis Debian installation¶ This guide describes the fastest way to install Graylog on Debian Linux 10 (Buster). All links and packages are present at the time of writing but might need to be updated later on. Warning. This guide does not cover security settings! The server administrator must make sure the graylog server is not publicly exposed, and is following security best practices. But I'm finding it pretty intimidating to > find something i can start within WNPS as i have no professional experience > and a beginner in open source contribution, but i wish to be a part of > Debian sooner or later, so i can help those packages which in need,or > requested. Yeah, Debian is a big project with a lot of moving parts, it can be intimidating from time to time. If you want to. Big warning for Ubuntu, especially for beginners. Ubuntu will put you off Linux. Debian will make you love Linux. Reply. Sami Alkhammash . May 21, 2018, 4:47 am. I think no one should use Ubuntu for any reason or purpose.. its full of pre-installed proprietary junk and spyware. Go Debian with ssh and no GUI for servers, and Debian with xfce for your laptop. Ubuntu is not good option for. With other Debian-style distributions, the source code and patches are made available in a big bang at release time, which makes them difficult to integrate into the upstream HEAD. Second, Ubuntu includes a number of full-time contributors who are also Debian developers. Many of the other distributions that use Debian-style packaging do not include any active Debian contributors. Third.

Debian Bug report logs: Bugs in package www.debian.org in unstable. Maintainers for www.debian.org are Debian WWW Team <debian-www@lists.debian.org>.. You might like to refer to the list of other pseudo-packages.. If you find a bug not listed here, please report it Debian Packaging for Open vSwitch If you are in a big hurry, you can even skip the unit tests: $ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='parallel=8 nocheck' fakeroot debian/rules binary Note. There are a few pitfalls in the Debian packaging building system so that, occasionally, you may find that in a tree that you have using for a while, the build command above exits immediately without actually building. Some distributions like Debian tend to separate tools into different packages - usually stable release, development release, documentation and debug. Also counting the source package number varies. For debian and rpm based entries it is just the base to produce binary packages, so the total number of packages is the number of binary packages. For arch based entries, it is additional. E.g. Arch. The demand for application software is high. Debian comes with over 51,000 packages — for free! Check out this basic guide for Debian packaging. (NodeJS

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One way to make Python applications installable on Debian-based operating systems (such as Debian or Elementary OS) is by using the dh_virtualenv tool. It builds a .deb package that wraps a Python virtual environment around an application and deploys it upon installing.. In this article, I will explain how to use it with the example of building a package containing the HTTPie tool to test HTTP. This tutorial explains how to install Elasticsearch on Debian 10. Installing Java # Elasticsearch is a Java application, so the first step is to install Java. Run the following as root or user with sudo privileges command to install the OpenJDK package: sudo apt install default-jdk. Verify the Java installation by printing the Java version. As for the health of their archive, Debian is up to offering around 61,071 AMD64 packages and around 31,723 source packages. One exciting item moving forward is there is the possibility Lenovo could offer a Debian pre-loaded system in the future or other OEMs as well but there are support concerns and other technical issues to work through on that front However, Debian makes a point of creating packages that make the changeover as smooth as an ordinary upgrade. 3. The Largest Number of Installed Packages. Probably no one has counted exactly, but Debian includes over 40,000 packages -- and possibly over 50,000. Either number is generally assumed to be larger than any other distribution, even.

Using Debian Stretch v9.11. I try to install build-essential, but fails because of unmet dependencies: sudo apt install build-essential Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Read.. Strongly agree on these points. I had some spare time and wanted to update a heavily outdated Debian package. I went upstream and fixed a culprit that had stopped previous re-packaging efforts and realised that most of the old package patches were now obsolete. So re-packaging should be fairly easy today and checking out the corresponding Arch package supported this view. But reading up on. Let us see how to use the apt command to install security updates or new set of packages on Ubuntu or Debian Linux server. How to fetch updates. To download package information from all configured sources, enter: $ sudo apt update Sample outputs: Fig.01: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS use update to download package information. How to apply package and security updates. To upgrade all packages.

Debian has upwards of 59,000 packages available for easy download and installation, and continues to add more with each subsequent release. Download Debian. If you're ready to try Debian, you can download the ISO installer image from Debian's download page. There are images available for both 64 and 32 bit computers, as well as ARM and other CPU architectures. Debian makes the installation. For a better overview of the project's availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme: Official Debian packages with high relevance; Official Debian packages with lower relevance ; If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Science to you, or if you have prepared an unofficial Debian package, please do not hesitate to send. Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. Just installed Debian and already having a big headache trying to install stuf. Close. 3. Posted by 5 months ago Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. Just installed Debian and already having a big headache trying to install stuf. Hi all. Today i installed Debian on my Thinkpad x240 after 2 years of using Arch. The packages that debian-multimedia depends on which need a new maintainer are: aj-snapshot Recommends: aj-snapshot blop Recommends: blop cd-discid Recommends: cd-discid cdrdao Suggests: cdrdao cdrdao collada2gltf Suggests: libcollada2gltfconvert-dev directfb Suggests: libdirectfb-bin libdirectfb-dev libdirectfb-extra dleyna-connector-dbus Recommends: libdleyna-connector-dbus-1.-1 dleyna-core.

In Debian/Testing it is mesa 20.1.8 and libdrm 2.4.102 so it is a night-and-day difference in terms of performance you get in stable and testing)).You want unstable, possibly with Mesa packages from experimental if you're interested in in rc-releases. Backporting Mesa to stable would be difficult. You would need backports for drm, llvm, and the. Official Debian packages with lower relevance; Packaging has started and developers might try the packaging code in VCS; Unofficial packages built by somebody else ; No known packages available but some record of interest (WNPP bug) No known packages available; If you discover a project which looks like a good candidate for Debian Med to you, or if you have prepared an unofficial Debian.

The Debian build toolchain is a collection of software utilities used to create Debian source packages (.dsc) and Debian binary packages (.deb files) from upstream source tarballs.. These tools are used in the Debian project and also in Debian-based distributions such as Ubunt Easy Debian is a mix of the Debian releases Lenny and Squeeze which leads to some problems like some silently broken packages and troubles when trying to install new software. Therefore a dist-upgrade to a pure Squeeze system might be useful. Usually this is no problem in Debian but since Easy Debian is restricted by the underlying Maemo in some ways there are some things to take care of There are two very simple ways to create a Python virtual environment on Debian 10. They're very similar and offer nearly the same benefits. As an added bonus, you won't need to install anything outside of the default Debian repositories to use them Debian repositories are software containers structured under specific directory trees allowing us to quickly search, install or update packages using the apt command. This article gives a brief introduction to Debian repositories and how to add them by editing the sources.list file and adding repositories under sources.list. Debian gives me this message during boot. However, the firmware related to this (firmware-atheros) and all other non-free firmware packages are installed. The WiFi works fine so what's wrong with it? However, the firmware related to this (firmware-atheros) and all other non-free firmware packages are installed

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Launchpad makes it very possible to directly download any Debian package for installation. 2. Pkgs.org. Aside from Launchpad, Pkgs.org is probably the largest place to find Debian packages on the Internet. If a Linux user is in need of a deb and can't find it in their distribution's' package repository, it is very likely to be found on this website. 3. RPM Seek. Even though this website. The inspector debian package version revision returns the debian_revision part of the string, or an empty string, if that part is absent. The name structure of Debian package versions is documented here. Creation; Properties; Casts; Operators; Version Platforms; 8.1.535.0: Debian, Ubuntu: Raspbian : Expand all Collapse all. Creation. debian package version revision <string. Debian 9.0 Stretch is now the stable release, and Buster is the testing release. That means other Linux distributions that are based on Debian will be upgrading in the near future as well io.weight cannot be enabled in recent Debian kernel package: normal: 2019-12-26 #946524: src:linux: linux-image-5.3.-3-amd64: black screen: trapped write in the nouveau driver: important: 2019-12-11 #946466: src:linux: linux-image-5.3.-2-amd64: segfault when unloading unresponsive b43 module: normal: 2019-12-09 #946437: src:linux: systemd-udevd: event4: Failed to call EVIOCSKEYCODE with scan. I joined the Debian Go Packaging Team and I started to work on the many, many Docker dependencies that needed to be updated in order to update the Docker package itself. I could get some of this work uploaded to Debian, but ultimately I was a bit stuck on how to solve the circular dependencies that plague the Docker package. This is where another Debian Developer, Dmitry Smirnov, jumped in. We. The exact version used: QEMU emulator version 2.8.1(Debian 1:2.8+dfsg-6+deb9u3). Download files . There are two versions of the MIPS-32 (Big Endian); Malta and Octeon.This guide will be using the Malta version. Although it's almost the exact same process for Octeon with a few minor option differences

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