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Mit dem Modul Pathauto können für diverse Pfade (Nodes, Kategorien, Benutzer) automatisch Aliase erzeugt werden This module adds Pathauto support for custom entities created either programmatically or using the Entity Construction Kit (ECK) module I'm currently working on a new site for a non-profit organization. I've installed pathauto module to improve seo (i hope) but since I'm still in the development phase, I've been experimenting with it a bit Improving Drupal's Clean URLs with the Pathauto Module on February 08, 2010 | Drupal This tutorial was requested by a student who is learning the Drupal basics. They turned on Clean URLs in the Drupal admin area and were surprised to see that the URLs remained largely unchanged Folgende Module im Einsatz: - Hierarchical Select (es soll nur in der untersten Hierarchie des Vokabulars selektiert oder hinein geschrieben werden können) - Ubercart mit integriertem view aus uc_product - Pathauto - Taxonomy Menu (inkl. aller aktivierten Zusatzmodule) - Taxonomy Redirect (das ich aber bis jetzt nicht verstanden habe) Also

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Drupal 8 Modul für sprechende URLs. In Drupal 8 - aber auch schon in den Vorgängerversionen Drupal 6 und 7 - kommt man bei der Frage nach sprechenden URLs am Modul Pathauto nicht vorbei. Das Modul wird aktuell von knapp 700.000 Webseiten genutzt und ist kostenlos. Installation und Aktivierung von Pathauto The PathAuto module is the most important Drupal module in every Drupal project. It is one of those tools that has got your back when you experience some not-so-fun work. Not only this, but the module also does it quickly and effectively. The Drupal PathAuto module helps in generating SEO friendly and well-structured URLs The Drupal 7 Pathauto module allows you to easily create patterns for the URL alias of any content you create on your Drupal 7 site. This is a module that I. This Drupal 7 tutorial shows you how to install a module and using Pathauto set up patterns for better URLs. Subscribe for more free tutorials https://goo.gl/6ljoFc, more Drupal Tutorials here. The Pathauto module automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias - Drupal.org Considered as one of the best practices for SEO, it is essential that your Uniform Resource Locator aka URL assists any layman in locating your resources easily

soll ich ein zusätzliches Modul installieren das müsste doch mit Pathauto schon richtig funktionieren ODER ist das Modul fehlerhaft? Anmelden oder Registrieren um Kommentare zu schreiben; Das Modul musst du zusätzlich. Eingetragen von Goekmen (1013) am 03.01.2013 - 17:54 Uhr. Das Modul musst du zusätzlich installieren. Lies dir mal durch was es macht: Checks the current URL for an. The Pathauto module automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. It is a brilliant module that helping the site builders to adjust their URL patterns as per their requirement. But now its little bit confusing for those who come from Drupal 7, the config screen and options are. - Wähle über ftp den Ordner sites/all/modules/pathauto an - Benenne die Datei i18n-ascii.example.txt in i18n-ascii.txt um. - Logge Dich in Drupal ein unter folgendem Pfad /admin/build/path/pathauto -- Öffne das Drop Down : Allgemeine Einstellunge

That Pathauto should be an essential module in your emergency toolkit as a Drupal developer is no news for you, right? Just imagine how the sites that you work on would look like and what ranking performance they would score, on a long term (not to mention the impact on the overall user experience, as well), as some clusters of /node/xxx URLs As a recent user of both Drupal and your module on Postgresql, I welcome your initiative, and would be very happy if all other module writers follow your lead :-) If I can be of any help let me know. Currently we just switched to Drupal 5.1 and seem to have problems with paths, but I'm not sure is the problem is with the core path module of just pathauto. I have not digged the issue a lot. Pathauto. MasterHomes Eingetragen von kitikonti (145) am 05.11.2015 - 18:57 Uhr. Screenshot der Webseite . Beschreibung der Webseite. Bei der Website handelt es sich um ein Luxusimmobilienportal in 15 Sprachen. Ein sehr grosser Teil spielt sich somit im Backend ab. MasterHomes verwaltet mit der Seite die ganzen Immobilien und betreut auch die Partner und Kunden damit. Die Partner koennen Ihre.

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To Drupal είναι λογισμικό ανοικτού κώδικα με άδεια GPL v2. H τεκμηρίωση και το περιεχόμενο που παρουσιάζεται στον ιστότοπο είναι ιδιοκτησία των δημιουργών τους και μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν κάτω από την άδεια των Creative Commons. Request for help - Pathauto Module. Posted by greggles on December 28, 2006 at 2:30pm. Hello, I think this is a great group. I'm not sure if it's within the charter, but I'd like to request some assistance in testing/reviewing the Pathauto module to make sure that it is Postgresql compliant. I'm a maintainer of Pathauto and would love to find a user of both Postgresql and Pathauto to make sure.

Drupal Pathauto Module - A Brief Tutorial on how to

We are going to be generating an automatic path for our new articles with the help of the Pathauto module. If you liked this video, please also have a look at my course about Drupal 8 module. Skip navigation Sign in. Searc Pathauto depends on the Token module. See screenshots of the bulk delete and the admin settings screen. View a screencast of Using Pathauto and Views to get Index Aliases. Stable 6.x version: Most Drupal 6 users will want to use the official 6.x-1.x releases (which were ported from 5.x-2.x). If you are upgrading from Drupal 5, be sure to read.

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